welcoming new clients

Hi, I'm Raven Nicole.

And I’m officially open for business! I am a wedding planner in Las Vegas and I would love to tell your unique love story. “Its all in the details’’ My aim is to be your creative support and guide you with my flair and eye for detail, to bring your vision to life. My inspiration comes from fashion, interior design, and color palettes . I can’t wait to explore more with you!


My mission as a
wedding planner

It is not only to give you a great day, but to raise awareness of why God designed marriage and the benefits of saving yourself for marriage. Why did God create it this way? An ample amount of people really don’t know. Would you like to know? More to come..




bible study




group discussions


buring expensive candles like it's my middle name

i loved having raven be apart of my day and taking care of everything. it was such a gift how much she cared.

- melissa

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